Discover how KRRASS Shearing Machine technology can help you optimize your production

More productive sheet metal machines, new customized solutions, and easy-to-use option suites are designed to meet the customer’s real needs.

Swing beam shears - Guillotine shears

KRRASS Shears have been manufactured since 1995 and have been installed and working in a wide variety of sheet metal cutting operations for many industries. Years of experience has helped us develop durable, low distortion and precise cutting machines.

Shears are machine tools used for straight cuts on sheet metal. On a swing beam shear the swing beam moves with the upper blade in a circular arc. On a guiottine shear the upper beam moves straight down.


QC11K Series Shears today, tomorrow and forever with you.

High technology standards, design and user-friendly interface QC12K provides perfection with high standard safety, efficient solutions that strengthen your skills and add value to your company. We have reduced the cutting angle to achieve straight precision and minimum twist tolerance.


World standards equipped QC11K Series shears high-tech products offer you exact solutions.

KRRASS QC11K Series products provide a reliable, effective and economical solution. Knowledge, ability and experience has been the basis for the development of our mechanical and electronic drive components. Product performance and quality is never compromised while manufacturing QC11K Series.