Discover how KRRASS’s Bending technology can help you optimize your production

No matter if you’re producing pressure vessels, heat tanks, cylinders for airplanes or rolling plates for heaters – we got you covered. We develop tailored plate rolls, either multi-purpose or specific-purpose. Below you’ll find plate rolls with Swedish Quality and German steel to ensure Worldwide market dominance


KRRASS Plate Bending Machine

KRRASS® The Strongest, most Sophisticated and most Reliable Bending machines on the market, worldwide. Combined with the most developed Intelligent Algorithm Bending System (Born 2013) powered by our nearly limitless SEVEN CNC system. We’ve prepared for the Fourth Industrial Evolution, have you?

KRRASS Economic Asymmetry Plate Roller Machine

W11F Asymmetry 3-Roller Plate Rolling Machine

KRRASS® economical plate bending machine, it is an economical Plate Bending Machine, it has a pre-bending function, for the maximum 6mm minimum 2mm, the length is between 1000-2000mm, it is one of the best choices for thinning plates .

KRRASS Plate Rolling Machine

KRRASS Economical Mechanical three-roll plate rolling machine

W11 3-Roller Plate Rolling Machine

KRRASS® economical mechanical three-roll plate rolling machine, mainly for the rounding of 4mm to 40mm, 1500mm to 4000mm length plates, is a very affordable and economical plate rolling machine, the best choice for customers with small processing volumes.

KRRASS CNC type Four Rolling machine

W12 CNC 4-Roller Plate Rolling Machine

KRRASS® CNC Four-Roller plate rolling machine, which is controlled by CNC system to form a circle at one time, with a pre-bending and rolling cone device, you can choose the coil support, and the coil support is left and right. Powerful functions, suitable for mass production, improve work efficiency and save labor, it is the best choice for large coils.

KRRASS Economic Profile Bending Machine

Professional profile bending machine

The WYQ24 angle roll series feature guide rolls that follow the main bending rolls. The guide rolls are mechanically adjusted to support the material as it enters the machine and to facilitate the rolling of asymmetric sections like angle iron. Operate your machine with our Bluetooth Bending Control – customized for you. The future is here, the WYQ24 will ensure your key player position as a multifaceted bending specialist.