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Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

KRRASS Iron Worker Machine

KRRASS Ironworkers are designed with multi-functions to save labor, time, energy and cost. This versatile aspect allows the KRRASS Ironworkers to meet the diversified needs of the metal fabricating industry. Currently, KRRASS has the highest reviews of any ironworker brand on the market today.

CNC Control System

Top performances allow to accurately and cost-efficiently cut pieces in high volumes.

Proportional oil hydraulic circuit has been completely designed by KRRASS. It is optimized for every guillotine shear size, with high-quality and reliable parts.

QC11K-Cut guillotine shear is available in a wide range of models and powers. Length and shearing thickness can be customized to the highest levels in the category.

Standard Equipment

Punching station

All metal punching operations are processed by means of hydraulic power, thus giving the machine the ability to punch very efficiently and silently. The machine can either be used to punch thick metal or thin materials layered together. Punching is silent, powerful, and efficient. The waste materials come off together and in layers. The punching table consists of two parts: the first is the punching flange; the second is the holder. The holder is a device that prevents the material from coming back with the punch after cutting. There are different holders for different materials.

Ironwoker Machine Punching

Flat bars shearing station

The metal shear station has been equipped with simple and sturdy fixing mechanisms that can be adjusted for any steel thickness depending on the cutting capacity of the machine. The shearing capacity can go up to 17.71 inches in the flat bar or the cutting of corner profiles. The shearing blades, built for mass production, can be used on both sides (the upper blade has 2 cutting edges, the lower blade has 4 cutting edges). This ensures a clean cut with minimal warping, from the full capacity down to a thickness of only 1/8 inch.

Bars cutting station

Standard machines are equipped with blades for cutting U-sections. Thanks to additional equipment, it is possible to cut I-section profiles and T-sections and round and square metal bars. The blades are held by efficient jaws that ensure the equipment can be arranged easily at the machine without any additional adjustment.

Ironworker U-shaped steel shear

Notching station

High Adaptability:With QBH, QCS and other types of optical fiber interfaces, it can be adapted to various mainstream laser devices.Excellent Design:Optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient air flow design significantly improve cutting quality and efficiency.

Angle shearing station

This station enables the cutting of large angles with a capacity ranging from 17 3/4 inches to 35 1/2 inches.

Ironworker Angle steel shear

Optional Equipment

Angle steel,channel steel ,round steel automatic positioning shear

Shear plate automatic hydraulic clamping

Angle steel shear automatic clamping

Ironworker Machine Red dot alignment

Laser positioning

Louver punching


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